Usability testing – training course

“It was exciting to realise that we really can do our own testing and improve quality.”

What You Will Learn

  • What is meant by usability testing
  • When to conduct usability testing
  • How to conduct usability testing
  • How to analyse, document and implement your findings and recommendations.


People who are interested in conducting usability testing in-house, or in commissioning agencies to conduct testing for them.

Participants will conduct a “guerilla” usability test session during the course and gain hands-on experience of the process.

Course Outline

  • About usability testing
  • Planning a test
  • Choosing and recruiting participants
  • Preparing materials and conducting a pilot
  • Logistics and resources
  • Conducting the test
  • Analysing and documenting your results for action.


  • One day.

We can run this course in-house for your organisation on demand.


  • None.