Our people

Gerry Gaffney

Photograph of Gerry Gaffney

Gerry Gaffney is the company founder and lead consultant.

He has a keen interest in ‘do-it-yourself’ usability.

He lectures under-graduate and post-graduate students in various universities on usability and user experience design.

He has spoken on this and related topics in Australia, USA, Italy, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

He was managing editor of User Experience magazine (the print publication of the Usability Professionals’ Association) from 2006 to 2008, and is an active member of the editorial board.

Gerry is passionate about the need to improve the quality of the relationship between humans and the products we use.

He is co-author, with Daniel Szuc, of The Usability Kit (now out of print), and with Caroline Jarrett of Forms That Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability.

Daniel Szuc

Photograph of Daniel Szuc

Daniel Szuc is a Principal Consultant at Apogee Usability Asia Ltd, based in Hong Kong, and previously worked on a usability team for Telstra Australia.

He has lectured about usability, user-centered design and user experience in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Japan. He holds a BS in Information Management from Melbourne University in Australia.

He is co-author, with Gerry, of “The Usability Kit”.

John Murphy

Photograph of John Murphy

John Murphy is a user interface design specialist with over 20 years’ experience spanning engineering, computing and the design and testing of user interfaces.

He has a keen interest in multi-disciplinary projects and has worked in many industry sectors at all stages of design, development and testing.

He is active in the academic community, teaching at universities and regularly publishing for recognised conferences and journals on the latest user centred design topics.

He holds graduate qualifications in mechanical engineering and computer science and an MSc in Human Computer Interaction and Ergonomics from University College London.


We’ve been lucky enough to have a wide range of talented people work with us over the years, including Shane Morris, Patrizia Bordignon, Peter Grierson, Philipp Pagendarm, Sumudu Dharmapala, Anke Werscnhik, Brian Gaffney, Michelle Kopel, Joanne Squire, Jason Furnell, Elise McAuliffe, Anthony Sonego, Richard Caon and Elizabeth Grey.