User needs analysis

Do you find it hard to make design decisions?. Perhaps a lack of detailed understanding about your customers is partly to blame.

Good design demands a solid understanding of your customers. Understanding how they carry out their tasks helps design task-focused products and services. Understanding their concerns helps address them. Understanding the things they like and value helps design solutions that are a great fit – and avoids wasting development effort on features that will not be appreciated or used. Finally, a good understanding helps provide a competitive advantage.

Information & Design can help you plan and conduct research that’s appropriate and represents value-for-money. Activities may include examining existing data (for example, from your sales and support staff), conducting site visits, or using diary studies to help customers self-report.

We will also help you make sense of what you find, and creating personas and scenarios that will help ensure that you can share your findings throughout your organisation, and leverage the power of your understanding throughout the design process.