Forms that work – training course

“Very nice mixture of hard (practical) and soft (form theory) advice.”

What You Will Learn

How to improve your forms in three ways:

  • Achieve a better fit between users’ needs and business purpose
  • Create questions that are easier to answer
  • Design forms that look easier to fill in.


People who are currently working with forms, surveys or web applications containing forms.

The focus is online forms, but most of the material applies equally to paper forms.

We encourage attendees to bring their own forms to the course, so we can pick one as an example to re-work.

Course Outline

  • The Information Requirement
  • Relationship: Forms should support the organisation’s relationship with its customers
  • Conversation: Questions, topics and flow
  • Appearance: Making your forms look easy
  • Testing your forms.


  • One day.

We can run this course in-house for your organisation on demand.


  • None.