Information & Design

Designing for humans

What we do

As a long-established usability and user experience firm, we have experience in conducting a wide range of activities.


A cost-effective way to get strategic assistance from an expert, while up-skilling your own staff.

Customer research and user needs analysis

Good design demands a solid understanding of your customers. Doing some basic research can eliminate the guesswork and fruitless arguments, and save development time and effort.


We can help translate the understanding of your users into design, from initial concepts to fleshed-out details.

Information architecture

Websites, intranets and software all need to be structured so you can maintain them easily, and so that users can find information and complete their tasks.

Usability testing

Cost-effective usability testing is the gold standard of evaluation, usability testing allows you to identify problem areas and fix them prior to release.

Usability and UX reviews

Expert usability reviews help you quickly identify potential problems with your product or service; particularly useful in early design or prior to redesign.