Information & Design

Designing for humans

Usability resources


Affinity diagramming

A simple but powerful technique for grouping and understanding information.

Writing usability reports

Clear communication when reporting is crucial.

Facilitation techniques

Tips for running successful workshops.

Handling logged data

How to log and manage large data sets.

Pre-publication checklist

A simple quality control checklist.

Website redesign

A case study illustrates suggested steps to take during a redesign.

Reading list

A selection of books on usability and related topics.

Designing for children

A brief set of guidelines on designing for children.


Cultural probes (diary studies)

A self-reporting technique for user needs analysis.

Contextual enquiry

A technique for examining and understanding users and their tasks.

Site visit materials

Tips for running successful workshops.



A powerful and simple technique for describing user interactions.

Card sorting

Exploring how users group or categorise items, to help develop a usable structure.

Paper prototyping graphics

A simple low-tech collection of user interface elements for paper prototyping

Participatory design

Conducting design sessions with all stakeholders is higly efficient.

Documenting a user interface

How to communicate your design.


Conducting walkthroughs

A simple paper-based multi-participant variation of usability testing.

Usability testing

The gold standard in usability evaluation, usability testing is a relatively simple technique.

Usability testing materials

Schedule, guidelines and script – materials you can use when conducting tests.

Usability testing mistakes

Usability testing can be simple, but beware of some common pitfalls.

Conducting usability reviews

How to conduct a usability review (or heuristic evaluation).

Usability review materials

A simple format and severity matrix for use when conducting a review.

Web evaluation materials

Checklists for evaluating websites and online stores, and a sample report.

Voice interaction evaluation checklist

A checklist for evaluation voice user interfaces.

Structure evaluation

A simple process for evaluating website or other information structures.


The Myth of the stupid user

If users are 'stupid,' then we need to design accordingly.

Humans – A designer’s guide

The quirks and characteristics that present such a fascinating challenge to the designer.

Usability for technical communicators

Technical communicators are well placed to engage in a usability role.

Apprehending the obvious

Why do organizations fail to take action based on what they already know? Gerry Gaffney’s article discusses this.